Welcome to the Tour!

This tour is here to help explain the design and benefits of Marriage Gift List. Our wedding gift registry site is simple to use, and provides an original, enjoyable way for couples and their wedding guests to choose and purchase their perfect gifts before the Big Day.

You can manage your own personalized gift registry, whilst your friends and family can purchase any of your suggested gifts by using their own separate login. You can’t see which of the gifts have been purchased, so you still get to enjoy the surprise!

The first thing you need to do is sign up for free and login; then you can start creating your gift registry. You can add a picture, theme and introduction to personalize your registry, as well as wedding and reception address details for the benefit of your guests.

Creating your gift registry is simple, and you can add or delete gifts until you are happy with it. Once you have your registry list, your wedding guests can login and start browsing. Our site connects directly with the online stores providing each gift, so it is easy to find out any additional information.

We have designed you a selection of attractive gift registry Invitation cards, which detail where and how to login. You can give these to your guests once you have completed your perfect gift registry, and then they can start deciding what they want to buy. There are simple instructions to follow, and once someone has bought a particular gift it will disappear from the guests’ list, so you don’t have to worry about getting the same toaster twice.

It doesn’t matter if your guests don’t have an e-mail address, or they aren’t familiar with using a computer; they only need your surname and the reference number from the Invitation card in order to login.

We understand that some of your guests will not want to use our website when they shop for your gift. A registry manager can be appointed, and they can delete any gifts that have been bought through other avenues. You can add an e-mail address and contact number for the nominated registry manager so that anyone using our site can contact them with their registry queries.

Now you are ready to start your Marriage Gift List. Our diverse selection of suggested online stores should cater for your every request, but you can use any store of your choice. So don’t waste any more time - start shopping!